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  • Archivia Books hosts Campion Platt’s Booksigning for “MADE TO ORDER”

    Archivia Books hosts Campion Platt’s Booksigning for “MADE TO ORDER”

    NIGHTLIGHT: Archivia Books Hosts Campion Platt’s Booksigning for “Made to Order” – A Huge Success!!! Campion will soon join Tatiana as a Mover and Shaker!!!

    It’s not who you know, it’s Whom You Know and since we know Tatiana and she was a Mover and Shaker ages ago, we thought it would be fun to review Campion’s book.
    It was more than fun, it was excellent all around
    and it earned our spot for our 200th book review:

    We really like Campion’s aestheic taste, and to keep up with the shade we are going to try to match the accent color in “Made to Order” with this violet hue on your computer screen.
    He totally is into detail and even signed the books in this purple marker to match.
    We love when people are into detail.
    Whom You Know is pleased to announce that Campion will be joining Tatiana as a Mover and Shaker soon!  They join other couples featured including:
    (in the order in which they were featured)
    Movers and Shakers Suelyn and Julien Farel
    Movers and Shakers Pat and Stephen Attoe
    Movers and Shakers Linette and Matt Semino
    Upcoming Movers and Shakers Blaine and Robert Caravaggi

    Peachy Deegan was pleased to meet and see:
    Tatiana Platt
    Campion Platt
    Carl Bernstein
    (Carl we can’t wait to drink a Peachy and have crabcakes with you, guess where)
    Cynthia Conigliaro
    Christina Juarez
    Daniel Colon

    - Peachy Deegan