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  • Green Design at The Greenbrier

    Green Design at The Greenbrier

    Campion Platt teams up with DPS Development to help bring ‘green’ living to The Greenbrier Sporting Club’s newest neighborhood.

    Set on the grounds of the historic Greenbrier resort, Green Homes at The Greenbrier strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic form and sustainable functionality. From siting to building to interior design, every aspect of the building process is geared toward a minimal carbon footprint – without sacrificing luxury. Within an active DPS Sporting Club community where stewardship of the land is a core value and masterfully-crafted experiences inspire unique family traditions, Platt’s holistic approach to architecture and interior design blends perfectly with the Green Homes ideal. For the Green Homes, Platt has created a selection of stunning inside/outside furnishing packages, each designed to fully complement the natural surroundings while creating an ultimate eco-friendly living experience.

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    - Campion Platt

    03.10.2009, White Sulphur Springs, WV