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  • Le Best of Elle Decor

    Le Best of Elle Decor

    A Malasian princess wanted to live above the roof tops of New York in order to benefit from the light. The young architect Campion Platt created a little corner for her high up in the Manhattan sky. Light wood and glass, and intoxicating effect of transparency when modern style, based on the classical flourishes. The sofa, like the armchair facing it, was designed by Warren McArthur.

    ELLE Decoration is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary.  For over a decade, our magazine has strived to develop a certain tone and establish its own unique style which, from now on, may be recognised at first glance and identified by all.  As the ELLE Deco style.  We like to summarize this style, with its love of electicism and freedom.  In an expression that incorporates our philosopy:  the desire to make you dream and the willingness to help you.  This is not only our motto, but also our programme, and a line of conduct from which we have never strayed.  After all, we have always been interested in seeing everything and have never hesitated to journey to the four corners of the world in order to discover an unusual house, and inventive detail, or a totally new sophistication.

    - ELLE Decoration

    10.01.1997, Paris, France