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  • Simple Stunning Parties at Home

    Simple Stunning Parties at Home

    Karen Bussen was responsible for all of the parties that were hosted at the Manhattan House in 2007 and 2008. She has written a second book, and used the models for many photographs in the book. In the book, the Game Night supper was shot in the Alexa model, the brunch is in Maureen’s model and the NEW YEARS EVE party is in the CAMPION PLATT model.

    “When the opportunity for celebrating knocks, answer the door and offer it some champagne!” says Karen Bussen. Author of the bestselling “Simple Stunning” wedding series, Bussen now directs her expert’s eye to a more intimate kind of festivity: the at-home party. Her simple stunning credo, though, remains the same: Create menus featuring wonderful ingredients in no-fuss, crowd-pleasing preparations; combine homemade and store-bought items in fresh, elegant presentations; tailor colors, tableware, and lighting for visual impact; and limit effort, expense, and waste.  The book details 12 complete plans for four different kinds of parties—cocktail gatherings, casual suppers, formal dinners, and daytime get-togethers. Each plan includes food and drink menus (with recipes) as well as decor and music suggestions. Following Bussen’s advice, you’ll delight your guests while showcasing your personal style—which is what great parties are all about.

    - Karen Bussen

    04.08.2009, New York City