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  • Green Brier 1 -

  • Green Brier 2 -

  • Green Brier 3 -

  • Green Brier 4 -

  • 1st Floor/ 2787sqft

  • 2nd Floor/ 1756sqft

The Greenbrier Sporting Club

In partnership with DPS Development team,we have crafted a set of home designs that will be used for the project.  This effort is accomplished by respecting the significant architectural heritage that has been established and maintained at The Greenbrier, while incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the planning, design and building process in order to minimize environmental impact.  The three legs of this sturdy stool, and the basis for all design decisions are: form – function – sustainability. WE will not only be creating stunning architecture and inspiring interiors, but designing in a way to reduce consumption and environmental impact while improving health and wellness for the residents.

Visit to see videos of Campion Platt discussing the project.