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  • entry/living room

  • Den

  • Office

  • Bedroom

  • Bedroom Detail

  • Floor Plan

High Rise Re-Dux

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This three bedroom apartment high in a new glass tower needed a strong aesthetic reference and a reshuffling of space.  We started by redirecting the arrival experience towards the main living area using a progression of decorative and architectural clues.  A massive painting greets you and the door and directs you towards an industrial cabinet in the entry foyer which in turn leads you to the city view out the floor to ceiling windows in the main living area.  This wall of windows was balanced using a double paneled wall of millwork filled with storage and a hidden panel leading into a multifunctional room: a cozy media room with a built in day bed that functions as a bedroom for their college age son in the summer months.  The color palette throughout is strong with a mixture of highly contrasting textures and finishes.  Highly polished surfaces mix with heavily textures, carpets and fabrics.  Whether the sun is shining or the light are down low – this apartment now has a strong personality.