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  • Front View

  • Dining Area

  • Staircase/Hallway

  • Kitchen

  • Kitchen

  • Living Area

  • Bedrooms

  • Hudson Valley Childrens Room - Childrens Room Hudson Valley Childrens Room - Childrens Room

    Childrens Room

  • Library/Sitiing Area

  • Veranda & Pool Area

Hudson River Valley

We injected this classically inspired Hudson River Valley house with a fresh and modern point of view for a young couple with three children.  Muted colors, textured finishes, custom carpets and embroidered fabrics were layered over soft and inviting custom upholstery, referential shapes and casual family friendly furniture arrangements.  There was a strong desire for the house to embrace a suggested American heritage without being stuffy.  A federal sideboard, tall case clock and oil paintings by important American artists stand in juxtaposition to playful pieces.  An early “bone-shaker” bicycle, a whimsical antique toy collection and a custom woven rug in the dining room based on the member of the family’s signs of the zodiac all speak to each other in a fresh new way.  The house feels solid, current and is ready for a long happy life.

Photographer: Scott Frances