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  • PBSG 1 - Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

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    Winter Wonderland

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    Winter Wonderland

Palm Beach Show Group 2016

Recalling the crisp winters of the North, Campion Platt’s “Winter Wonderland” evokes the feeling of cozying up to a camp fire or wandering with a loved one through the frosty woods. The color palette is inspired by the snow, and the icy blue and purple hues of the Northern winter light.

“Winter Wonderland” is a fresh interpretation of Nordic modern design, with a wintery touch.The icy palette, birch installations reminiscent of a winter forest and the warm textures of faux fur with rustic wood accents draw us to the camp fire’s warmth.The design is anchored by the crisp yet comfortable furnishings of Biasi Catani and a splendid contemporary tablescape by Christofle.  Striking art curated by Cavalier Galleries and McLoughlin Gallery enrich the concept.  Elitis provides an exquisitely cool backdrop in the form of hologram and metallic wall coverings. Tai Ping’s blissfully soft white rugs, punctuated by streaks of blue and purple, are the icing on the cake.