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  • Soho Holiday House 2016 - BLACK FRIDAY Soho Holiday House 2016 - BLACK FRIDAY


Soho Holiday House 2016

Why Black Friday? It’s not exactly an “official” holiday. It’s at times controversial, sometimes even violent. Controversial or not, Black Friday makes the headlines every year, as shoppers jump start the holiday season. Black Friday evokes notions of consumerism and excess. But it also has a jovial side, as Black Friday marks the start of holiday festivities. Such contrasting connotations present an irresistible design opportunity: to express the contradictions of Black Friday through a design that is fabulous and fun, yet dark…and a little twisted.

Our Dining Room is conceived as a multifaceted and sensory design experience. Guests are enveloped in gorgeous luxe durable materials by renowned Alcantara of Italy, from the upholstered deep malachite walls to the cozy alcove seats. The dark yet rich color palette echoes the Black Friday theme. Furnishings by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams create an elegant yet informal ambiance, perfect for a festive holiday dinner party. The Kimora dining table, with its sculptural form yet rough-hewn edges, plays on the tension inherent in the Black Friday theme. The conceptual tablescape, punctuated with exquisite accessories from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and hand blown glass Night Fall candlesticks by Moshe Bursuker, is a feast for the eyes. The fireplace, which features a luxuriously innovative Venetian plaster finish by artisan Ricardo Brizola, is a stunning focal point. Abundance is infused into every facet of the space, and seasonal scents permeate the air. Art from Cure8 adds a rawness which speaks to the darker side of Black Friday, sometimes in a humorous way. All of these elements are grounded by a subtle toned handmade Sardinian soft wool rug by FJ Hakimian.