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The Mariner Collection

“Luxury underfoot and indoors captures the essence of my new rug collection”

Designed by Campion Platt, THE MARINER COLLECTION introduces a distinctly fresh and personal approach to the wonderful family of Roubini Rugs, Works of Art. Working closely with the Roubini family and their mastery of modern rug making techniques, Campion created a first THE MARINER COLLECTION inspired by his travels and working extensively in the Turks and Caicos islands during the last 2 years. The themes are aquatic with an emphasis on the wonderful randomness of nature, the oceans, ethereal patterns, marine life, waves and our effect on the landscape. 

Employing all ranges of weaving techniques THE MARINER COLLECTION achieves depth and texture in subtle hues of color. Each hand woven rug exploits its weaving potential and sets a new standard for design interpretation.

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