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The Campion Platt Collection

Inspired by natural forms Campion creates a new Eco collection for HBF Textiles.  For his first group, he draws from the mountains and valleys.  Campion looks beyond the traditional ideas of weaving, quilting, patchwork, and the visual perceptions of landscape to manipulate them into a more modern form.  Looking through the pieces, the inspiration comes in all organic forms;

• Rock Ledge
• Forest Light
• Rough Terrain
• Mountain Tartan
• Velvet Ground
• Woodland Trace

Imagine walking thru a forest and noticing all the intricate details in each and every plant, tree, shrub and rock.  Nature has limitless designs and variations.  So too does this collection.

Campion shuns orthogonal grids and traditional patterns for an asymmetric world of variations and possibilities.  Note the patchwork quilting of Mountain Tartan and its random structure, moving in random directions. 

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