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  • Jim Thompson Metro Cloth Collection -

  • Central Bark - Central Bark

    Central Bark

  • Haze - Haze


  • Sprockets - Sprockets


  • Cross Roads - Cross Roads

    Cross Roads

  • Afternoon Shadows - afternoon shadows

    afternoon shadows

  • PS1 - ps 1

    ps 1

  • Stay Home - stay home

    stay home

  • Concrete Jungle - concrete jungle

    concrete jungle

  • 57th & 5th - 57th & 5th

    57th & 5th

Metro Cloth Collection

Designed by Campion Platt, METRO CLOTH introduces a fresh, modern approach to the Classic lines and well-known textures of Jim Thompson’s prints and wovens. Images of raw, urban textures gathered from cities around the world, but especially from Platt’s New York City home base, inspired the collection. The overall theme of METRO CLOTH is one of luxurious metropolitan textures and the Collection features a strong industrial-chic attitude.

The ethos of METRO CLOTH goes beyond the cool tones of a busy external life, however. The rawness of the city is transformed into the supple texture and patterns of a sophisticated urban interior life. The colors both compliment and contrast a busy external life while warming to the interior glow of soft neutrals, natural tones and hot contrasting colors with a steely and shimmering bent. Campion’s new palette channels the metro personality’s strong desire to find nature in the home even as it explores the future possibilities of a comfortable industrial style through luxurious texture and coloration. Campion sees the shelter of natural references housed in the protection of industrial structures as a key metaphor for the future of residential design.