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  • Campion designed the Astral Cave, the Ideal Wine Cellar for Terlato

    Campion designed the Astral Cave, the Ideal Wine Cellar for Terlato

    This true wine lover’s escape by Campion Platt for Terlato is envisioned for the cellar, but with a view toward the sky. Known for his soothing spaces, layered textures and custom pieces, the AD 100 architect and designer researches new materials and applications for every project. The “Astral Cave” concept is a sophisticated extension to the home that any collector would relish, with enough storage to accommodate both “investment bottles” like the 1997 GAJA Sori San Lorenzo and breakthrough wines such as 2003 M. Chapoutier La Sizeranne.

    Within circular walls that expand as they rise, the wine racks are divided horizontally and vertically by vineyard and vintage. At the center, reclaimed wood staves from wine barrels take a new turn as an elevated tasting space, with plush upholstery and a rose-colored resin tabletop. Platt’s reuse theme continues through to the floor, composed of stamped metal plates from famous vineyards as flooring. Truly “stellar,” this wine cellar is designed with a serious and stylish collector in mind.

    Representing more than 40 of the world’s finest brands from Napa Valley and Italy to Australia and beyond, Anthony Terlato is a noted authority in the wine world. This American “tastesetter” also produces his own wines, Terlato Family Vineyards, from such esteemed appellations as Stags’ Leap and Dry Creek Valley. In this series, Terlato partners with leading designers to create incredible homes for their many wines. Look for more “Stellar Cellars” in upcoming issues.

    Cellar Starter
    Considering an at-home collection? Read these tips from Anthony Terlato before you begin buying:
    • Wine storage today emulates the conditions of the original wine cellars–caves! Think about this when choosing a location.
    • Far and away, temperature is the most important factor for well-preserved wines. The goal is a consistent temperature between 55˚F and 60˚F.
    • Believe it or not, vibrations can also disturb the aging process, so wine cellars should steer clear of the garage and home theaters…or even the subway!

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    10.01.2008, New York, NY