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  • Style = Campion Platt + Jay McInerney

    Actually, it makes a great deal of sense. When it came time for Campion Platt to publish his first monograph, he didn’t turn to just anyone for its foreword. No, the architect and interior designer who strives to take the edge off modernism with his trademark soft palette sought out an old friend, Jay McInerney. The result is “Made to Order,” a series of 18 essays and as many well-photographed living spaces designed by the man whose client roster includes Al Pacino, Meg Ryan and Conan O’Brien. It leads with two pages of knowing endorsement from the author of “Bright Lights, Big City” and more recently, “How It Ended.” It’s a book that’s spare and sumptuous at once. “Our original intent was a bedside table book,” Campion said. “It came out not quite so small – it’s more like a coffee table book – but I’m happy with the results.” READ MORE

  • 10 Things You Should Know about Campion Platt

    The 10 sections of this book introduce you to Campion Platt, his work, his inspirations, his life, the home design and lifestyle products he creates and his attitude towards our designed world. The designs of Campion Platt, leading interior and product designer, whose projects range from residences and boutique hotels to lines of furniture and textile collections, embody luxury, innovation and an eco-friendly consciousness. A member of the American Institute of Architects and the Architectural League of NY, Platt has received numerous accolades for his holistic approach to design—such as the prestigious ranking on Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” list of the world’s top interior designers and New York Magazine’s “The City’s 100 Best Architects and Decorators,” as well as being published in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Wallpaper, Esquire, HC&G and Travel & Leisure, with a significant celebrity client following. READ MORE

    05.06.2009, New York City

    Books, Fabrics, Sustainability, Rugs, Green, Textiles, Travel

  • Simple Stunning Parties at Home

    Karen Bussen was responsible for all of the parties that were hosted at the Manhattan House in 2007 and 2008. She has written a second book, and used the models for many photographs in the book. In the book, the Game Night supper was shot in the Alexa model, the brunch is in Maureen's model and the NEW YEARS EVE party is in the CAMPION PLATT model. READ MORE

    04.08.2009, New York City


  • The Official Filthy Rich HANDBOOK

    REMEMBER WHEN HAVING A COUPLE MILLION dollars meant something? Neither do we. Particularly when we recall (with just the slightest of tingles) that over 30,000 Americans are now sitting on at least thirty times that. This crew includes every entry on the Forbes 400 (who, at last count, were worth a combined $1.54 trillion, more than all the money held in commerical U.S. banks) right on down to that guy back in B-school who first told you what a hedge fund was. They're not all famous, or even well known, but these 30,000 do have much in common. Relative to the average citizen, they can travel where they want, do what they want, and even screw who they want - both for business and for pleasure. Thier money allows them to be truly free, and isn't that what our forefathers were getting at? READ MORE

    03.31.2009, New York City


  • Spectacular Homes of Metro New York

    Weather he is designing a custom residence, a home-away-from-home boutique hotel or a line of furniture, architect and interior designer Campion Platt has one thing in mind: "Luxury is about both materiality and contrast," he explaines, adding that context might mean creating clear, open spaces within the confines of a Manhattan apartment, or selecting opulent READ MORE

    03.09.2009, New York City


  • New York Home Book

    New York's Only Luxury Homebuilding, Renovating & Design Sourcebook READ MORE

    03.08.2002, New York City


  • The Curtain Design Source Book

    A Key reference book to guide and inspire the creative home - maker. READ MORE

    11.22.1997, New York City


  • Le Best of Elle Decor

    A Malasian princess wanted to live above the roof tops of New York in order to benefit from the light. The young architect Campion Platt created a little corner for her high up in the Manhattan sky. Light wood and glass, and intoxicating effect of transparency when modern style, based on the classical flourishes. The sofa, like the armchair facing it, was designed by Warren McArthur. READ MORE

    10.01.1997, Paris, France