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  • Style Compass with Campion Platt on

    Style Compass with Campion Platt on

    Seamless is a word that interior designer Campion Platt casually tosses about to describe his work, but it is quite an understatement. Platt has taken Coco Chanel’s dictum “Elegance is refusal” and applied it to the world of interiors.

    I consider myself a Modernist,” he says.  “But last year in Palm Beach, I won a historic preservation award!”  Indeed Platt’s portfolio ranges from an updated Sag Harbor captain’s house to a jewel box pied `a terre in Manhattan.  It all started when as a fifteen year-old in Swiss boarding school he decided to be an architect – choosing the middle ground between his father, a chemical engineer, and his mother, an artist.  After studying architecture at the University of Michigan, Platt received a Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University.  He promptly set out on a career path that has led from apprenticing at Architectonica during Miami’s early go-go days to being a co-developer of The Mercer Hotel and Chateau Marmont.  For the past twenty years Platt has been at the head of his own New York-based firm directing architectural and interior projects with equal ability.

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    - Alejandro Saralegui

    06.03.2009, New York City

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