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  • Campion Platt On Luxury & His Holiday House Design – Plus His Top Incollect Picks

    Campion Platt On Luxury & His Holiday House Design – Plus His Top Incollect Picks

    Luxury, innovation, and eco-consciousness all converge into Campion Platt’s designs. Backed by a career spanning over 25 years, the world-renowned architect and interior designer’s ecclectic array of projects include residences, boutique hotels, custom furniture, and textile collections. He wrote his first book in 2010, Made to Order, which features a compilation of his published projects accompanied by his design philosophy and personal anecdotes. Campion has been featured on Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” list of the top architects and interior designers in the world.

    Though no two of his projects are the same, clean, fresh luxury is the common thread that ties Campion Platt’s designs together. Whether it takes its form through sumptuous finishes like leather, resin, or marble, or through clear, open spaces in the confines of a Manhattan abode, Campion’s take on luxury always combines fine craftsmanship, contemporary touches, and eco-consciousness. Instead of capitulating to preconceived notions, Campion’s designs are driven by detailed wish lists his clients create, yielding highly personalized spaces.

    Campion Platt is one of the designers participating in the annual Holiday House Showhouse in Soho, benefitting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Incollect is the exclusive presenting sponsor of the event. He is designing an extravagant dining room around the well-timed theme of “Black Friday.” Campion’s design will summon the notion of consumerism and excess, juxtaposed with the generous spirit of the holidays. These paradoxical elements create a tension that is fun and fabulous, with a bit of a dark twist. Though Campion is extraordinarily busy preparing for Holiday House, he was able to catch up with us to talk about his plans for the show, his design aesthetic, inspiration and more, as well as give us his top picks on Incollect. “All the pieces I picked have a timeless and personal craft component to theme that makes a more authentic story, and more valuable as an investment piece. One can sense the human hand in their design and fabrication.”
    Incollect: Tell us about your upcoming Holiday House showroom! How did the theme of “Black Friday” inspire your design?

    Campion Platt: My team and I are always looking for a funny and appropriate take on holidays. We thought of all the fun and elegant ways to depict this consumer pre-holiday we have all become accustomed to. The art and fabric in the room particularly carry the “Black Friday” theme. I like the rooms to be beautiful, but also reflective of the times, and moods.
    Incollect: You received your Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. When did you first know you wanted to be an interior designer?

    CP: I was always interested in interiors and furniture. From the beginning of my practice, and particularly in NYC, I focused on architectural interiors and the interior design. As we developed more, I focused on fully customized interiors and furniture. 

    Incollect: What are 5 words that describe your design aesthetic?

    CP: Modern, classic, fresh, fun, smart.

    Incollect: Who are some of your favorite designers, architects or artists and how have they influenced you?

    CP: I like many of the Italian mid-century architects and designers like Scarpa and Mollino. I appreciate their personal, quirky take on a holistic approach to the design of all things.

    Incollect: What nontraditional, unique, innovative materials do you find yourself drawn to?

    CP: I find myself being drawn to recycled plastic and graphene. I used recycled plastic in my ECO collection for HBF Textiles. Graphene will be seen in many new products on the horizon because of its incredible structural and conductive properties.

    Incollect: Your clients help steer the design process through their detailed wish lists. What is your favorite aspect of working with a client on a project?

    CP: The joy my clients feel upon moving into something truly special, something they helped create, is one of my favorite aspects of the work I do.

    Incollect: What room or space is most compelling to design? What about it appeals to you?

    CP: I think that kitchens, in a traditional sense, will go the way of butler’s pantries. Kitchens are the new family room and as interior designers we all must design to that aesthetic.

    Incollect: Are there any particular design movements or periods that you are inspired by?

    CP: I find the Glasgow, Italian modernism, Shaker, and traditional Chinese design movements inspiring. I believe all my work has the combination of linear organization and free form organics. I think all my studies and travels have allowed me to sense the appropriate combination of these elements in a satisfying and comforting design.

    Incollect: What are your three must-have design elements?

    CP: A great lamp to read by, a sofa with character to be proud of, and an organic coffee table to center a room.

    Incollect: What do you hope your clients feel when they live in a space you have designed?

    CP: Calm and quiet, like the ocean, I want their heartbeat to go down a bit.

    Incollect: What type of project is on your wish list and why?

    CP: I’d like to develop a new version of retirement housing. Human needs change over time and this sector has not really been fully, properly addressed. Aging in place has become a whole new area of study and design as we begin to accommodate the baby boomers in retiring years. Coupled with the newer field of wellness design, new design finishes, colors and textures become appropriate to this community.

    Campion Platt
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    Holiday House NYC runs from November 17, 2016 to January 8, 2017, with an opening night party on November 16 from 6:30 – 9:30pm. It is open 11:00am – 5:00pm, and closed on Mondays. Located at the Sullivan Mansions on 40-50 Sullivan Street in New York City, Holiday House supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To learn more about the event, visit