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  • Campion Platt teams up for Beacon Hill for Holiday House Hamptons

    Campion Platt teams up for Beacon Hill for Holiday House Hamptons

    Beacon Hill has taken its elegance beachside this summer as a sponsor at the second annual Holiday House Hamptons (June 28 – September 1). Interior designer Campion Platt collaborated with Beacon Hill to transform the master bedroom at the Watchcase in Sag Harbor finding inspiration from a fictional female Hamptonite he dubs a “social cougar.”

    Playing on the contrast between coral and mint, Campion pulled from Beacon Hill’s rich offering of ikats and abstract designs including the dramatically scaled Olavanna Ikat in magenta and Perspective in mint, balanced with soft neutrals in shades of linen and cloud. He complimented the space with hand-painted wallpaper from de Gournay to warm up the loft space.

    Read on to learn more about Campion’s inspiration and design process for the master bedroom.

    What was your inspiration for the room this year?

    The Hamptons social cougar that loves color inspired me to create this room. I envisioned a woman moving from her house where she had to take care of the garden and house to something with more creature comforts and amenities.
    How did you go about sourcing product for your room?

    After we have a concept in mind, we look to the best vendors to support that theme and in the products they offer. I reach out and visit a number of shops and vendors we normally use to help us with the project. Then we develop a strong PowerPoint presentation of our idea and circulate that to help our suppliers find what is best for the design.

    What fabrics and wallcoverings did you select and why?

    I wanted something very new, fresh and wildly colorful, nothing structured, conservative or muted. I lean towards more organic designs, but fell in love with the green headboard fabric from Beacon Hill/Robert Allen because it seemed so fresh. We added a rope detail to the center to strengthen the connection to this old whaling town of Sag Harbor and industrial nature of the Watchcase building.
    Why did you choose to team up with Beacon Hill? What was the collaboration like?

    Beacon Hill has an amazing range of products that suited our designs. I like to support them because they love to support showhouses. We need more of that inspired vendor mentality to reach our audience not only through magazine publications, but also in live-room setups where the public can really connect with the designer and product. Nothing takes the place of a live tour.

    As far as the collaboration, they turned around our requests in a day and made the impossible possible. What more can I say! Using our design presentation, we met with them a few times to select the most evocative fabrics to describe our concept. They make the rest easy.

    What was the collaboration like with de Gournay?

    De Gournay makes the most beautiful wallpapers and has a great history and following in the industry. What was unique for us on this project was they were also introducing this new amazing line of hand-painted lilies on silk. The large scale of the lilies played perfectly into our notion of the strong-minded, take no prisoners cougar mentality.
    What do you hope guests will take away after visiting your room?

    Don’t be afraid of color and large scale. It is all a matter confidence of balance. I am also known for more muted colors, so for my office and me this was a fun departure from the norm, but we had to channel our strong-minded fictitious client to really make the room sing.

    Holiday House Hamptons is now open through September 1, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

    Beacon Hill products are available in Robert Allen showrooms in the DDB, Suite 301; PDC, Suite B499; or DCH, Suite 141.

    - Go Design Go