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  • DUMBO’s ClockTower Building gets Esquire ‘bachelor’ treatment

    DUMBO’s ClockTower Building gets Esquire ‘bachelor’ treatment

    Move over hipsters, there’s a new type of guy coming to Brooklyn.

    Billed as the “Ultimate Bachelor Pad,” the penthouse of the ClockTower Building in DUMBO has been decked out by Esquire Magazine and features cutting-edge design, fashion and technology.

    For their ninth edition of the Esquire Apartment project, the magazine ventured outside of the usual safety zone of Manhattan and for the first time ever the featured apartment is located in Brooklyn.

    The 6,800 square-foot apartment features a master bedroom decorated by Campion Platt for Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna, and comes complete with hi-tech Toshiba gadgets like the 10-inch Thrive tablets and the Satellite laptop computer.

    Other amenities include an Asics home gym, a clock that displays various worldwide locales and a study tricked out with a state-of-the art work table.

    The most impressive part of the penthouse paradise is the fourth-floor rooftop terrace, which features a 360-degree view of the New York City skyline.

    In addition to those luxurious features, the apartment comes equipped with it’s own live-in “ghost.”

    Living within the apartment’s walls and structure is Charlotte, who is brought to life by “Pan Am” television star Margot Robbie.

    Robbie is designed to interact with and at times even playfully “haunt” males, continuing Esquire’s theme of the spot being heralded as the “ultimate bachelor pad.”

    The central piece of the apartment is the sleek glass-cased elevator located in the middle of the apartment and is surrounded by a oak spiral staircase. In addition to the elevator, the apartment’s great room, located on the first floor, features four 14-foot tall clocks from which the historic building derives it’s name.

    The ClockTower penthouse serves as the centerpiece for David Walentas’ nearly thirty year renovation of Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. Originally purchased by Walentas and Two Trees Management in 1982, Walentas began to turn the ClockTower building into 120 condominiums in 1998 and only recently turned his focus to the penthouse.

    The ClockTower penthouse was originally listed for $25M in 2009, but the asking price has since dropped and can be purchased, unfurnished, for an economical $23.5M.

    For those who are more interested in seeing Esquire’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad in its entirety, a one-hour special documenting the design and building of the ClockTower penthouse can be seen in January on the DIY Network.