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  • Go Home: Campion Platt

    Go Home: Campion Platt

    Designing a home in the Hamptons requires an infusion of country leisure into a luxurious setting. In March of this year, a classic, new constructed Water Mill home was placed on the market for $10 million. Joe Farrell, the leading Hamptons builder, was eager to try a different sales approach, so he asked Manhattan based designer Campion Platt to stage his house. Elegant life in the country can seem like a contradiction in terms to city dwellers. Add limits such as strict budget and a six week timeframe and a call for ready made pieces, and Campion’s challenge was set.

    Campion Platt’s eye for understated elegance shows ay every angle here.  The rooms photographed embody his twenty first century approach to the country home: exquisitely attuned to the natural elements about the house and the rustic context.  The differing natural light profiles of each room inform their respective color palettes.  Each has its own unique statement.  The furniture choices bolster the house’s classic, understated architectural elements, while the art provides a layer of individuality throughout the home. 

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