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  • Holiday House Hamptons debuts in Sag Harbor, Long Island

    Holiday House Hamptons debuts in Sag Harbor, Long Island

    Holiday House Hamptons rings in summer, breast cancer research, stellar design, and all the while showcasing beautiful, historically rich architecture and sponsored by HC&G magazine.

    What an evening—an extraordinary showcasing of the Bulova Watch Factory’s transformation in Sag Harbor.  For years, I drove by the eye sore that was left virtually abandoned.  The property is prominently placed and can be seen when entering Sag Harbor, and many wondered what would happen to this former factory where generations of Hampton residents were once employed.  The history is strong and yet it needed to be preserved, paid homage to in some format.  Years later my good friend Craig Wood had a vision to hold onto pieces of the lovely brick factory, but bring it into the modern day.  Wood thought about every detail of how he’d make his dream come to fruition.  Seven years later Watchcase is a force to be reckoned with in Sag Harbor with a growing compound and many outbuildings, promising to become the “shining star” of this once sleepy seaport.  One of the first original whaling towns in the United States, Sag Harbor has had many transformations.  Today it remains one of the most picturesque villages in the surrounding areas of the Hamptons.  Somehow with all the modernity here, it retains a small town charm.  With an old fashioned fire station set smack in the middle of town, and a beautiful harbor and bridge overlooking the village, Watchcase now greets visitors with the original regal brick facade still intact.  The partnership with Holiday House Hamptons on this special showhouse is fortunate for many.  Holiday House founder Iris Dankner is passionate about bringing great design to the Hamptons, while at the same time progressing medical advancement and ultimately curing breast cancer—genius!  To listen to Dankner speak one is soon filled with her enthusiasm for helping this worthwhile cause.  This year the designer line-up is varied and the spaces are spread out across townhouse and penthouse apartments on the property.  Come take a look at a few highlights and corners of spaces that inspired me.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll bring you more, but today here’s the first from the celebratory White Gala—Cheers!

    - Tamara Matthews-Stephenson