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  • Holiday House Therapist’s Office by Campion Platt

    Holiday House Therapist’s Office by Campion Platt

    Noted interior designer Campion Platt: “Our concept is inspired by Nardoqan, the Turkish Winter Solstice when darkness is defeated by the emergence of the new sun. This is evoked in both the shadowy palette of our design and in its unexpected function.

    Drawing on the mysterious atmosphere of Nardoqan, our room is enveloped in magically intricate Turkish rugs by Çinar, and richly layered in somber but lush tones and textures. The flicker of flames in a bold, stone Chesney fireplace, surrounded by copper toned wallpaper and warm Edison bulbs in lanterns by glass artist Moshe Bursuker shed a glimmer of light on our solstice theme. To express the mystical meaning of Nardoqan, a Therapist’s Office lies at the heart of our plan, complete with elegantly structured Bright furniture, including an inviting daybed. Here, one embarks on a journey of personal transformation, from darkness to light.”

    - Bill Indursky